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It is urgent to find the environmental protection and fire retardant insulation material


"HBCDD (twelve) after the ban, there will be a shortage of building insulation material supply problems. China's building body mass, must use a mature product to replace the HBCDD's building insulation materials." September 25th, at the HBCDD environmental impact seminar, the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction of construction products and construction parts Standardization Technical Committee member Lv Dapeng said in an interview with reporters.

The seminar was co sponsored by the school of environmental science, Tsinghua University, and the China Environmental Science Society for sustainable organic pollutants. Seminar, experts from the environment and building materials fields on hbcdd in building insulation materials in the extensive use of the impact on the environment, hbcdd in domestic building insulation market application, the provisions on hbcdd and hbcdd corresponding policies and plans the topics in the presentations and discussion, hbcdd in China proper use and the corresponding environmental protection ideas.

It is reported, hbcdd is a brominated flame retardant agent and 90% to production expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) such as building insulation materials. The lipophilic and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) not only can accumulate in the food chain, but also through the construction of release into the air, serious pollution of the environment, affecting people's health.

Data show that in 2012, the amount of HBCDD in the global heat preservation material reached 27000 tons. From 2011 to 2012, the output of HBCDD in our country is about 35000 tons - 38000 tons, and the corresponding EPS is 1220000 tons. Insiders believe that, with the end of 65, the Ministry of public security, 2012, the revocation of the wall, the wall heat insulation material is no longer mandatory use of class a class outside insulation material, HBCDD production and sales will have a greater growth.

In this regard, China's thermal insulation materials Association executive vice president Hu Xiaoyuan at the seminar called, in the promotion of building energy-saving products, while, to pay more attention to environmental protection.

Tsinghua University associate professor, School of environment, Huang pointed out that adding hbcdd building materials, although can improve the flame retardant performance, but once the burning will release more smoke, carbon monoxide and other pollutants. At the same time, a large number of HBCDD containing styrofoam , XPS insulation board in the construction waste after such as improper disposal may cause long-term and greater environmental pollution. Out of HBCDD, especially in building insulation materials used in the imperative. Although the new flame retardant agent instead of hbcdd has in the developed countries has become a trend, but did not completely solve the problem of secondary pollution. So the study on rock wool and other solutions has important significance. TAGS:undefined

HBCDD has been included in the list of the sixth parties to the Stockholm convention, which was held in May 2013. According to reports, at present, the relevant departments of our country are developing control and elimination of HBCDD plan, and plans to complete the HBCDD elimination of the national plan of action at the end of this year.

The experts agreed that, with increasing awareness of environmental protection and building fire safety awareness of the people and the trend hbcdd in the world gradually be eliminated and disable, stability, durability, fire retardant performance good inorganic heat preservation material will gradually become the building envelope structure heat preservation and insulation materials, including rock wool, expanded perlite, foam cement.

Lv Dapeng believes that, in many of the inorganic insulation material, the best alternative rock wool is a mature product with a history of 40 years. But current our country rock wool production is relatively low, production enterprises to borrow a hbcdd banned and eliminated the transition period, continuous improvement in quality, increase the yield, in order to meet market demand.



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