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It is urgent to find the environmental protection and fire retardant insulation material

"HBCDD (twelve) after the ban, there will be a shortage of building insulation material supply problems. China's building body mass, must use a mature product to replace the HBCDD's building insulation materials." September 25th, at the HBCDD environmental impact seminar, the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction of construction products and construction parts...



Xinjiang promoted EPS new building materials

Notice of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently issued a circular on the technical specification for concrete shear wall structure of EPS module. This is Xinjiang's first construction engineering technical specification, which uses the new material standard is the first time to implement the promotion.

EPS module is made of polystyrene foam beads after heating...


Shanghai protection area next to the plastic products factory pollution environment

Songjiang Chedun town water source protection areas adjacent to the plastic products factory pollution of the environment, the relevant departments ordered the renovation of Songjiang District Chedun town village of victory, plastic product factory indiscriminate discharge of sewage, waste gas, from the water source protection area is close. "These polluting enterprises, why not...


Shanghai 63.9% of people in the purchase will not buy a QS logo products

Disposable chopsticks, plastic wrap, fast food boxes, beverage bottles, popcorn barrels...... For the meaning and knowledge of these food related products, Shanghai nearly three into the public do not understand. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau announced yesterday that "food related products for public safety awareness survey results, 17 districts in the city of 6117 people ...